As you’ve probably noticed, there haven’t been any new posts this weekend. Don’t worry— I’m alive, I’m still doing this, and I’m just as excited as ever to be writing about The Simpsons. With that said…

I undertook this project mostly for myself. While I love having a solid base of people reading my work every day, this is still my own journey in understanding and appreciating The Simpsons. The last thing I want to do is get burned out because I get too invested in adhering to an arbitrary schedule, and subsequently end up resenting the show itself. If life starts overwhelming my time, I’m going to take a weekend off here and there.

Really, don’t worry. This is just getting started, and after taking a little break, I’m refreshed and amped up, and I’ve thought up even more trivial things to discuss about one of the greatest series of all time.

So I hope you understand the fact that I’m only human. I’ll only get better at this as we go along, so stick with me as I embiggen my writing skills on the way to 500.


Hunter Phillips

P.S. Tomorrow’s episode is “The Way We Was,” the importance of which I can’t stress enough. Watch for it tomorrow afternoon. I hope you like it.