Hello again.

It’s been a while, but now feels like the right time to give this project a shot again. Perhaps it’s the launch of the SIMPSONS WORLD app, or perhaps it’s the (very flattering) requests to get going again — but either way, I’m here.

Not much has changed since I last wrote here. The Simpsons is still on, for one, which means that the old title of this blog is quite obsolete. With that in mind, I’ve made a slight naming adjustment and bought myself a domain name. I hope you don’t mind.

The intent and goal of this blog has changed a bit, though. I’ll be moving away from the recap-like reviews I was doing before, and transitioning this site into something between that recap style and personal blog posts that use each episode as a lens through which I’ll write about something. I think Mike Amato already did too good a job at recapping the series (meblogwritegood.wordpress.com), so I’m taking this in a different direction.


Every post will be about an episode of The Simpsons, in chronological order, just like it was before. But now I’ll be trying to reconcile what happens in each episode with the greater world, and more importantly to me, my whole life. The Simpsons is more than likely the defining document of the late 20th (and early 21st) century, and I hope to figure out WHAT IT ALL MEANS. That is, if it means anything at all.

I hope you enjoy this thing. It’s still, above all else, a trip through the greatest television series of all time.


Hunter Phillips is about to graduate from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He’s busy writing awful screenplays and directing mediocre pieces of fiction. He hopes to do something good.


7 thoughts on “About

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  2. Good luck, you maniac. Look forward to tracking another fan’s progress through the series. Take it from me, the rewards shall be great. Though now that I’m at the top of season 9, my opinions may soon shift a bit.,.

  3. I like the concept, and like being able to see a 20 year old show through a fresh pair of eyes. When my first child turned 7 (three years ago), I decided she was ready for the Simpsons, and we started watching all the episodes at season one. I believe we made up to season 14 before I lost interest and just started showing the early episodes again to my _second_ child..

  4. Only one a day? I watched all 508 episodes in just over a month. I started on June 27th and finished on Aug 1st. I love summer vacation. In fact, here is my own site with my thoughts on it (nothing technical, just did it for fun): http://archivaria.com/DrKain/TheSimpsons.html , if you are interested in just wanting to know my thoughts on the show. Anyway, it was really interesting to see the show all in one shot because I did not remember anything from Seasons 11-17 outside of a few specifics, and now I see why. They are just down right dreadful.

    Nevertheless, enjoy your trip over Springfield Gorge (that is how I rated The Simpsons as a whole). 😀

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